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Reloading Supplies by Clean Ballistics Inc.
One of the most important Reloading Supplies for The Ammo Reload Enthusiast. 

"Shoot More...Clean Less"

Revolutionary New Bullet Lubricant that s used in the reloading process
"Cleans With Every Shot"
Imagine a product that cleans the barrel of your gun as you shoot. Virtually eliminates leading and fouling. Spend more time shooting and less time cleaning your firearm. Our easy to use bullet lubricant delivers all of this and more. See for yourself what the experts are saying about this revolutionary new product designed specifically for reloaders.
"Cleans With Every Shot"
Hot Dip Bullet / Shotgun Lube Kit

Shotgun, Rifle, pistol reloader kit



$29.99 plus shipping and handling

shipping and handling is only for lower 48 and Canada.
Out side of the US and Canada ---  contact us for a shipping charge.



Clean Ballistics,

For reloaders (both metallic and shotshell), metallic factory load shooters, and black powder shooters, the patented formula of Clean Ballistics remarkably accomplishes what no other single product has done before.

First, Clean Ballistics cleans the bore and action of smokeless rifles, handguns, shotguns, and black powder firearms as the particular gun is fired as the projectile(s) are passing through the bore. Clean Ballistics “cleans with every shot fired! As an example, exhaustive testing* has shown that using Clean Ballistics will clean a fouled black powder rifle by 60% while being shot!

Second, Clean Ballistics magical, patented formulation exponentially enhances accuracy. Again, testing* has shown metallic groups to be tighter by as much as 100%, or more; shotshell patterns run significantly tighter.

Third, Clean Ballistics patented composite dissipates heat. This is especially important to precision and varmint shooters.

Clean Ballistics will be offered in 4 configurations: for reloaders; metallic shooters; shotgun shooters, and; black powder shooters, and will condition approximately 1,000 bullets/2,000 wads.




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